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Unparalleled Efficiency

At Quantus, we understand that managing 3rd party service vendors and related equipment services data can be complex and time-consuming. That's why we've developed QHUB Web Services—your ultimate, hands-free CMMS solution for small and medium size operations.



Seamless Integration, Effortless Access

Our QHUB Web Services seamlessly syncs field measurement and service data captured by our field service software. This ensures that facility managers, lab personnel, QA teams, and other designated staff can effortlessly access accurate, real-time information without the need for manual data entry after our service technicians complete their work.

Providing unparalleled visibility and control over your data. By integrating all service-related information into a single, easy-to-use platform, we help you focus on what matters most—delivering quality and efficiency in your operations.

Complementary and Scalable

QHUB Web Services is designed to complement existing systems like Blue Mountain RAM, which is built for the enterprise. If you are currently using Blue Mountain RAM, our QHUB dashboard serves as an additional tool, providing enhanced visibility and ease of use. For operations that may not yet require an enterprise-level system, QHUB offers a robust start with the flexibility to grow with you. When you're ready to scale up, we ensure a seamless migration of your data to Blue Mountain RAM, maintaining continuity and efficiency.

Upgrade to Premium

QHUB Premium Web Services upgrade packages will be available later this year. These upgrades will include customizable asset lists, edit capabilities, unlimited uploads of third-party service documentation, and exclusive features for microbiology lab customers such as a Final Lab Report Repository and templated chain of custodies for quick sample shipping, with complimentary shipping.

We are excited to help you transform the way you manage your services!

New Features Coming Soon!


Including Notifications, Transparent Schedules, Bulk Report Downloader, and more...

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coming soon...

Features In Development

  • Quick Actions

    Access high priority action items, service event review reports, the bulk report downloader module, request service, and adjust settings and customer service requirements

  • Notifications

    Important notifications will be sent via email and link to valuable data within your QHUB account, includes: quote and schedule status, OOT notifications, and job report availability.

  • Work Order Calendar

    This is a great module where you can quickly view when work is scheduled, who was assigned the job lead, a description of the work order, and you can drill down for more job details.


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