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At Quantus, our expertise goes beyond conventional offerings to specifically address the needs of the Controlled Storage and Warehousing Logistics sector. We excel at maintaining uniform conditions throughout the entire cold chain — from product packaging and handling to storage, transportation, and distribution. Our advanced warehouse temperature mapping and cold chain validation services employ cutting-edge technologies to ensure your products remain secure under any condition.

Our solutions are supported by NIST traceable calibration and are compatible with a broad array of building automation and monitoring systems, enhancing both regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. At Quantus, we are more than just a service provider; we are your strategic partner committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance in every aspect of controlled storage. Whether you require precise calibration services, thorough validation, or expert environmental monitoring, Quantus is equipped to facilitate your growth and compliance in a rapidly evolving industry.

Ensuring uniform conditions for biostorage, cold chain, and warehousing

Onsite Services

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    Quantus delivers on-site NIST Traceable Calibration for life sciences lab, manufacturing, stability chambers, and supporting facilities, including warehousing of final product.

  • Warehouse Validation

    Warehouse Validation

    Temperature mapping validation for warehouses, distribution centers, and walk-ins ensures your controlled storage areas maintain uniform temperature and humidity year-round.

  • Cold Chain Validation

    Cold Chain Validation

    Ensuring temperature integrity across logistics, including transport and storage. We provide adaptable protocols to certify an unbroken cold chain, ensuring compliance.

"The technician is doing a fantasticjob. He promptly notifies us aboutout-of-tolerance items andcommunicates well, ensuring welocate equipment in time forcalibration. The customer supportteam is very responsive andaccommodating."

Ferdinand, Spark Therapeutics

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What does temperature mapping validation involve and why is it crucial for controlled storage environments?

Temperature mapping validation is a process that verifies the temperature distribution within a storage area is consistent and within specified limits. This is crucial for controlled storage environments as it ensures that products such as pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and food items are stored under optimal conditions to maintain their integrity, efficacy, and safety.

Our temperature mapping services include detailed assessments for warehouses, walk-ins, and transportation vehicles, using advanced tools and methodologies to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and to prevent product loss.

How does Quantus stay compliant with industry regulations in controlled storage and warehousing?

Quantus adheres strictly to industry standards and regulatory requirements by incorporating NIST traceable calibrations and rigorous validation processes into our service offerings. Our protocols are designed to meet or exceed guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as the FDA, WHO, and ICH.

By continuously updating our processes and training our team on the latest compliance requirements, we ensure that your controlled storage solutions not only meet current regulations but are also prepared for future changes in standards.

What sets Quantus's cold chain validation services apart from others?

Our cold chain validation services stand out due to our customizable approach and the use of proprietary technology. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring more precise and efficient validation of cold storage and transport conditions.

Our services are enhanced by our advanced data logging tools and real-time monitoring systems, which provide comprehensive documentation and insights to ensure an unbroken cold chain from start to finish. This proactive approach helps our clients minimize risk and maintain product quality throughout the distribution process.


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