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Regulated Life Sciences Industries

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  • Biotechnology

    Specialized support for Biotech Service Scheduling, Calibration and PMs, In-Process Microbial EM, and CMMS asset management services, remain audit ready.

  • Medical Device

    Expert calibration and cleanroom services for medical device manufacturers, ensuring instruments meet stringent quality and accuracy requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Comprehensive onsite calibration, offsite metrology, and microbiological lab analysis services to uphold pharmaceutical product integrity and safety.

  • Pharmacies

    503A and 503B Compounding Pharmacies microbiological environmental monitoring, autoclave and depyrogenation oven validation ensuring product sterility.

  • Controlled Storage

    Biostorage, warehousing, and cold chain logistics, our services ensure your products are stored and transported under optimal conditions to meet regulatory standards.

  • Hospitals & Universities

    Reliable and precise calibration, routine environmental monitoring, and cleanroom certification testing services for healthcare and academic institutions.

Precision and Expertise Across Industries

Why Quantus

At Quantus, excellence isn't just a belief, it's our benchmark. We set the standards others strive to meet, specializing in advanced technical and microbiological lab testing services that are the backbone of precision and reliability. Our comprehensive calibration, environmental monitoring, and cleanroom services are tailored across industries to not only ensure compliance but to empower innovation and safeguard health.

Choose Quantus, where our industry-leading expertise converges with unparalleled precision, to keep your operations, equipment, and facilities not just audit-ready, but future-ready. From the complex pathways of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to the critical precision in medical devices and the controlled environments of pharmacies, storage, and academic healthcare - we're more than service providers; we're your partners in setting a new standard for excellence.

  • Operational Excellence DeliveredOnsite Services

    Onsite Services

    Quantus delivers unparalleled onsite services, optimizing your operations with a suite of technical serivces. We ensure operational excellence and ensure seamless productivity and regulatory adherence.

  • Calibration and MicrobiologyOffsite Services

    Offsite Services

    Our Metrology Center excels in offsite instrument calibration, ensuring accuracy and swift turnaround times. Our Microbiology Lab offers extensive analysis and testing, backed by our MALDI-TOF and QLIMS systems for top-tier reporting and traceabilty.

ISO Accredited

Quantus Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditations, ensuring superior service quality and enhanced operational efficiency for our customers. By continuously reinvesting in advanced training, cutting-edge equipment, and innovative processes and software, we elevate service quality and deliver an unmatched customer experience. Trust in our rigorous quality systems to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

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