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Elevate lab precision with Quantus—your partner in accredited onsite calibration. Our NIST traceable services extend to a comprehensive range of lab instruments, adhering to stringent FDA and EMA standards.

  • Wide Range: From lab refrigerators, incubators, and scales to analytical instruments, spectrometers, and micro plate readers.
  • Reduce Vendor Management: We provide calibration capabilities that cover 90% to 95% of the equipment in your facility. 
  • Zero Downtime: Eliminate shipping delays and the hastle of packing and tracking. We ensure flexibility and uninterrupted operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Certified services you can trust meeting your FDA, EMA, and USP regulatory requirements.

Our first class support will ensure you stay audit-ready with minimal disruption.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What is included in Quantus's onsite laboratory equipment calibration services?

Our services include NIST traceable calibration of a broad spectrum of lab equipment such as balances, centrifuges, pH meters, spectrophotometers, incubators, and more. We follow stringent standards to maintain compliance with EMA, FDA, and ISO regulations.

What advantages does onsite calibration offer for our lab equipment?

Onsite calibration is ideal for equipment that is either too large, sensitive, or integral to your operations to be shipped. At Quantus, we tailor our services to work around your scientists' schedules in a non-disruptive manner. We understand the importance of your work and strive to accommodate your needs, ensuring maximum productivity and equipment reliability. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our services into your workflow, ensuring that your research and operations continue smoothly without any interruption.

How are your technicians qualified to perform lab equipment calibration services?

Our team consists of highly trained and qualified technicians and engineers who are well-versed in compliance standards and adept in using certified reference standards for a variety of measurements including temperature, pressure, humidity, and more. Quantus prides itself on the extensive training and qualifications our technicians possess. 

Training for our technicians is tailored to their unique background and role within our team. It may involve a range of approaches, from factory training provided by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to specialized instruction from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at our headquarters.

Our HQ boasts a mock lab environment equipped with lab instruments for scenario-based training that mirrors real-world conditions. For our up-and-coming technicians, we offer a comprehensive job-shadowing apprenticeship program, allowing them to gain practical experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Beyond mastering technical aspects, our technicians are thoroughly trained in essential industry practices, such as safety, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Good Documentation Practices (GDP). This holistic approach to training ensures that our services uphold the highest industry standards and contribute to the excellence of your laboratory operations.

Can Quantus handle the calibration of specialized equipment?

Yes, our expertise is not limited to general lab equipment. We can calibrate specialized equipment upon request and are prepared to discuss any specific needs to ensure your equipment meets all regulatory and operational requirements.

What quality standards do Quantus calibration services meet?

Our calibration services are compliant with ISO 8655 and ISO 17025 standards, ensuring that we meet global standards for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. All calibrations are NIST traceable, providing you with confidence in the precision and accuracy of your equipment.

What clients are saying

  • I am very pleased with the services provided. The technicians are exceptional to work with, and the customer support team is incredibly responsive and accommodating. The pricing offers excellent value for the services provided.

    Century Therapeutics Drew

  • The technicians here do an outstanding job. I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the customer support team and their proactive approach to scheduling.

    Ellume Ken

  • Everything is going great with the services. The technicians are top-notch – professional, honest, and very solid in their work. They provide excellent communication and feedback.

    RegenXBio Blake

  • Working with Quantus to resolve the disorganization of previous 3rd party reports. I have received positive feedback on the work Quantus is doing. We're looking forward to a meeting with the top management and business development teams to gain more feedback and develop additional controls.

    Christiana Care James

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