Microbiology Laboratory Services

  • Large Scale Incubation

    Large Scale Incubation

    Our advanced facilities ensure precise, high-volume capacity and continuity with emergency power backup for all project sizes—reliable, uninterrupted service guaranteed.

    We offer scalable services to meet your evolving needs, ensuring your projects always have the room to grow.

  • Quantus-microbiology-enumeration-1-2

    Microbial Enumeration

    Discover unparalleled accuracy and compliance with our Microbial Environmental Monitoring Enumeration Services, offering crucial insights into microbial presence.

    Tailored for GMP Life Science and 503 B Compounding Facilities, ensuring compliance with USP <797>, <1116>, and EU Annex 1.


Organism Identification Services

At Quantus, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted commitment to excellence, driven by years of collaboration with our clients. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of the Life Sciences sector, hospitals, and compounding pharmacies. Our investment in the cutting-edge MALDI Biotyper® sirius GP technology ensures we provide top-tier organism identification services characterized by unmatched speed, accuracy, and reliability.

  • EXTENSIVE ORGANISM LIBRARY: bacteria, mold, and fungi
  • RELIABILITY & PRECISION: with rapid reporting
  • Media Fill Testing Services

    Media Fill Testing Services

    Ensure sterile product safety with our GMP-compliant Media Fill service. Validating aseptic processes, it uses a sterile microbiological growth medium to mimic drug production, meeting FDA standards. Our method evaluates equipment, operator technique, and environmental controls, aiming for zero growth to protect against contamination. Ideal for rigorous validation and operator qualification.

  • Water Testing Services

    Water Testing Services

    Ensure your pharmaceutical water meets FDA standards with our comprehensive testing services. Specializing in USP purified water quality, we offer Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis, bioburden, conductivity, and endotoxin testing to guarantee compliance. Trust us to safeguard your water's purity, ensuring it adheres to the strictest FDA and USP guidelines.

Advanced Validated

QLIMS Software and Customer Web Hub

Elevate your sample management with our seamlessly integrated QLIMS software and Microbial EM Sampling Field Team. Designed for both our onsite field teams and mail-in sample customers, this system streamlines sample transport with an efficient web-tracked chain-of-custody.

Experience the next level in microbiology laboratory services with a sophisticated yet user-friendly templated chain-of-custody and shipping is FREE (available later this year -learn more).

  • Fully Validated: Ensures reliability and compliance
  • Notifications & Early Results: Keeps you informed for timely decisions
  • Easy Report Access: Direct download portal for final reports.
  • Advanced Trending Tools: Provides insightful data analytics.

Discover efficiency and innovation with our QLIMS Software – your solution for smarter lab management.

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  • Biological Indicator Analysis

    Biological Indicator Analysis

    Quantus elevates the standard for sterilization safety with our Biological Indicator Setup and Analysis service. Our method ensures precision and dependability, standardizing test setups, incubation, and qualitative analysis to provide clear guidance for biological indicators.

    Rely on us for unmatched accuracy and peace of mind in essential sterilization verification. Ensuring reliable results is our scientific commitment.

  • Growth Promotion

    Growth Promotion

    Elevate your product safety and integrity with our Growth Promotion Testing (GPT) services. By validating your media with compendial organisms, as per USP <61>, we guarantee its reliability, enhancing your operational confidence.

    Our services underpin the validation of new products and processes, ensuring the effectiveness of your microbiological testing components. Trust us to ensure your culture media's efficacy and reliability.

Reliability and Precision

State-of-the-Art Microbiology Lab

Our microbiology lab sets the standard in sample care with a dedicated airlock, HEPA-filtered air supply, and state-of-the-art incubators ready to scale for your needs. With a backup power system, we guarantee uninterrupted service, ensuring your samples are always in expert hands.

Experience our commitment to excellence. We engineered our facility for reliable, trustworthy results, offering you peace of mind and the confidence to make informed decisions. Partner with us for unparalleled precision in every test.

Quantus_LAB-12_isolate preservation_bio-storage-service
Biostorage Services

Isolate Preservation

Your invaluable biological samples require meticulous care and long-term viability. We offer biostorage services that guarantee integrity and compliance:

  • GMP-Compliant Storage: Strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices standards.
  • Advanced Cryopreservation: State-of-the-art methods for bacterial, yeast, and mold isolates.
  • Quality Controlled: Rigorous testing for sample viability, purity, and identification.
  • Secure Access: Retrieval and documentation protocols ensuring sample integrity.
  • Expert Care: Our trained professionals handle your samples with utmost safety and confidentiality.

Choose our Isolate Preservation Services for an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your scientific endeavors.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What types of microbiology testing services does Quantus provide?

Quantus offers a comprehensive range of microbiology laboratory services including Large Scale Incubation, Microbial Enumeration, Organism Identification using MALDI-TOF technology, Media Fill Testing, Biological Indicator Testing, Growth Promotion, and Water Testing. Our services are tailored to support industries such as biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more, ensuring compliance with all relevant standards.

How does Quantus ensure the reliability and accuracy of its microbiology testing?

Our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, signifying our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We utilize state-of-the-art technology such as the MALDI Biotyper® sirius GP and have advanced systems like our QLIMS software for efficient sample management. Our facilities are designed to guarantee uninterrupted service with backup power systems and HEPA-filtered air supply.

What makes Quantus unique in the field of microbiology laboratory services?

Quantus distinguishes itself by offering scalable solutions that grow with your needs, rapid results reporting, and a comprehensive organism library for extensive coverage. Our One Stop Shop model allows for streamlined third-party services, enhancing operational efficiency by consolidating services and minimizing the need for multiple vendors.

Can Quantus handle large-scale microbiology projects?

Absolutely. Our facilities include large-scale incubation capacities with emergency power backup, ensuring reliable and continuous service for projects of any size. We are equipped to handle high-throughput demands, offering tailored services that can adapt to the most challenging and extensive microbiology testing requirements.

How does Quantus support regulatory compliance in microbiology testing?

We provide microbiology testing services compliant with GMP, USP, and FDA standards. Our tests include, but are not limited to, microbial environmental monitoring, organism identification, media fill testing for aseptic processes, and water quality testing. Each service is designed to meet rigorous validation and compliance needs, ensuring that your products and processes adhere to all necessary regulatory guidelines.


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