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At Quantus, we recognize the unique challenges that biotech companies face. Our tailored approach combines the latest technology with a deep understanding of biotech manufacturing and laboratory workflows, delivering services that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. We're committed to being more than a service provider; we're your strategic partner in fostering growth, ensuring quality, and accelerating innovation.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of biotechnology, innovation can't afford to pause. Quantus stands as the trusted ally for biotech firms, offering a suite of specialized services designed to propel research and development while ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.

Tailored Excellence in Biotechnology

Onsite Services

  • Asset & Data Management

    Asset & Data Management

    Streamline CMMS database management, report filing, vendor scheduling, enhance productivity and reduce maintenance costs through expert staff augmentation.

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    Quantus delivers on-site NIST Traceable Calibration for life sciences lab equipment, manufacturing process systems, and supporting utilities.

  • Microbial EM Sampling

    Microbial EM Sampling

    Microbiological testing services for controlled environments, includes air, surface, personnel, chemical,  water, and compressed gas sampling.

"I've found that Quantus is the best certifier to work with in this region. Their paperwork is straightforward and easy to understand. We've presented their reports to the FDA multiple times with no issues, and the FDA has acknowledged that Quantus reports require little review and are known to be top-notch. It was a pleasant surprise to find Quantus working at my new company."

John, QuVa

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What specialized calibration services does Quantus offer to biotechnology firms?

Quantus is dedicated to supporting the biotechnology sector with a comprehensive range of calibration services that include:

  • Bioreactors: Precision calibration to ensure optimal performance for cell culture processes, crucial for producing biologics, vaccines, and other cell-derived products.

  • Pure Water Systems: Calibration services that maintain the stringent purity levels required for your research and manufacturing activities.

  • Clean Steam Generators: Ensuring the production of contaminant-free steam for use in sterilization and other critical processes.

  • Autoclaves: Calibration that guarantees sterility and reliable performance, keeping all your laboratory tools and consumables free from microbial contamination.

  • Extensive Equipment Coverage: Quantus is equipped to support 90-95% of the equipment and related instrumentation found in laboratories, GMP facilities, and associated utilities. This comprehensive service range ensures that nearly all of your calibration needs are met with one reliable provider.

All our services adhere to NIST traceability and are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the industry and regulatory bodies. We are committed to advancing the vital work of biotech firms in science and health.

How does Quantus ensure that biotech environments remain compliant with microbial environmental monitoring standards?

Our Microbial Environmental Monitoring (EM) services are tailored to meet the stringent regulatory demands of the biotechnology industry. We employ a robust monitoring program that includes air, surface, personnel, and water testing to identify and mitigate any microbial contamination risks in your facilities. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and follows rigorous protocols to ensure your operations not only comply with current regulations but are also future-proofed against upcoming standards.

Can Quantus help biotechnology companies manage and optimize their asset and data management systems?

Yes, Quantus excels in streamlining asset and data management systems for biotechnology companies. Our Asset & Data Management services provide a comprehensive solution that includes CMMS database management, report filing, and vendor scheduling. We focus on enhancing productivity and reducing maintenance costs while ensuring that your critical data and assets are managed efficiently. This support allows biotech firms to focus on what they do best – innovating for the future.


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