Optimizing Essential Laboratory Equipment with Precision Maintenance

Designed for GLP-compliant facilities, our preventive maintenance services expertly fill the intervals between calibrations, ensuring sustained accuracy and minimizing the potential for disruptive downtimes—a crucial factor in mission-critical lab operations.

  • Meticulous Inspections and Cleaning: We conduct regular, thorough inspections and cleanings to preclude the buildup of contaminants, safeguarding against functional compromise.
  • Proactive Functionality Testing: Our consistent checks of equipment function, proactively address potential issues, ensuring your operations remain dependable.

Partner with Quantus for maintenance that upholds the caliber of excellence and precision synonymous with your research, ensuring your laboratory's productivity remains uninterrupted.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What does your Preventive Maintenance service include?

Our PM service ensures your lab equipment functions flawlessly. It encompasses detailed inspections, comprehensive cleaning to remove contaminants, lubrication for seamless operation, and systematic functionality testing. For parts replacements, we provide this service when parts are supplied by you. Additionally, every service concludes with a detailed PM report that aligns with GLP and GDP best practices and standards, ensuring comprehensive documentation for your records.

How often should we schedule Preventive Maintenance for our equipment?

Scheduling for preventive maintenance depends on the specific equipment and its usage but typically aligns with the periods between calibrations to ensure continuous accuracy and efficiency. We customize maintenance schedules based on your equipment’s needs and operational demands, ensuring your laboratory's operations remain uninterrupted.

Can you handle Preventive Maintenance for a variety of laboratory equipment?

Yes, our team is equipped to manage a wide array of general laboratory equipment, adhering to the stringent standards required for GLP compliance. Whether it's routine instruments like pipettes, balances, incubators, or more, we’re prepared to meet your maintenance needs. For equipment beyond our scope, we're happy to discuss alternative solutions.

What sets your PM services apart?

Quantus stands out through our GLP-compliant approach, exhaustive maintenance procedures, and our flexibility to adapt services, including part replacements with customer-supplied parts. Our preventive maintenance is not just about upkeep but enhancing your lab’s overall productivity and efficiency. Plus, our detailed PM reports ensure you have the documentation needed for full compliance and peace of mind.

What action is taken if a problem is discovered during Preventive Maintenance?

Upon detecting any issues during maintenance, we promptly notify you with a comprehensive report of our findings and suggest immediate corrective actions or further servicing recommendations. Our detailed PM reports, conforming to GLP and GDP standards, will include these findings and the suggested steps, ensuring you have a clear path forward for maintaining equipment performance and compliance.

What clients are saying

  • I am very pleased with the services provided. The technicians are exceptional to work with, and the customer support team is incredibly responsive and accommodating. The pricing offers excellent value for the services provided.

    Century Therapeutics Drew

  • The technicians here do an outstanding job. I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the customer support team and their proactive approach to scheduling.

    Ellume Ken

  • Everything is going great with the services. The technicians are top-notch – professional, honest, and very solid in their work. They provide excellent communication and feedback.

    RegenXBio Blake

  • Working with Quantus to resolve the disorganization of previous 3rd party reports. I have received positive feedback on the work Quantus is doing. We're looking forward to a meeting with the top management and business development teams to gain more feedback and develop additional controls.

    Christiana Care James

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