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Field Services Platform

  • Asset & Data Management

    Streamline CMMS database management, report filing, vendor scheduling, enhance productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Calibration Services

    Quantus delivers on-site NIST Traceable Calibration for life sciences lab equipment, manufacturing process systems, and supporting utilities.

  • Cleanroom Certification

    Providing industry-compliant certification services for PECs, cleanrooms, and sterile processes, ensuring compliance.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Microbiological testing services for controlled environments, includes air, surface, personnel, chemical,  water, and compressed gas sampling.

  • Validation (CQV) Services

    Nationwide commissioning, qualification, and validation services for life science facilities. Quick delivery off-the-shelf and custom protocols.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Improve lab equipment safety and reliability. Our maintenance program is minimally invasive, flexible services, with same-day reporting.


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"I am very pleased with the services provided. The technicians are exceptional to work with, and the customer support team is incredibly responsive and accommodating. The pricing offers excellent value for the services provided."

Drew K., Century Therapeutics

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  • BlueMountain RAM

    Quantus is a certified BMQR partner, helping customers schedule 3rd party vendor services. Our analysts update your RAM Database, file vendor reports, and keep  you in an audit ready state.

  • Metrology Center

    Your single source provider for offsite and outsourced services. Reduce the number of vendors requiring supplier onboarding and auditing with our single source platform of pre-qualifed partners and integrated services.

  • Microbiology Lab

    We process large-scale sample enumeration analysis, media fill studies, provide growth promotion, bioburden, and water testing. Organism IDs are fast using our Bruker MALDI-TOF for high volume, accurate, and reliable results.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Can Quantus handle services for sensitive environments like cleanrooms, regulated GMP facilities, and GLP Laboratories?

Absolutely, our team is proficient in providing controlled environments services, and routinely carries out calibration, certification, and microbiological testing, including air, surface, personnel, chemical, water, and compressed gas sampling in a variety regulated facilities.

Can Quantus help distribute our service schedule throughout the year to prevent operational disruptions?

Yes, Quantus utilizes a proprietary service software to manage and evenly distribute your service due dates over the year. This approach helps to minimize disruptions to your manufacturing and laboratory operations while also spreading the cost of services for better financial planning.

Which industries does Quantus serve?

Our services extend across regulated life sciences industries including Biotechnology, Medical Device Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacies, Controlled Storage Facilities, and Educational Institutions such as Hospitals & Universities.

What makes Quantus different from other service providers?

Quantus stands out as a one-stop-shop with a GxP Service Platform for streamlined third-party services, speedy response, reliable scheduling, and service continuity to enhance operational excellence.

What do clients say about Quantus' services?

Our clients, including notable names in the industry, commend our responsive and high-quality services, our convenient QHUB Web Portal (for accessing service history, reviewing service schedules, and downloading reports), and our expert technicians for their exceptional service delivery.