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At Quantus, we excel in providing hospitals and universities with specialized services that ensure their research and healthcare operations are equipped with reliably calibrated and consistently performing equipment. Our on-site NIST traceable calibration services are designed specifically for life sciences lab equipment and healthcare facility systems, which are crucial for obtaining accurate results in research and patient care. This commitment extends to ensuring that all operations meet the highest quality standards necessary for cutting-edge research and effective treatment.

Additionally, our cleanroom certification and environmental monitoring services adhere to international standards such as ISO 14644 and EU Annex 1, prioritizing product quality and personnel safety. By partnering with Quantus, research and development institutes gain a strategic ally, equipped with advanced technology and expert knowledge, ready to help them maintain safety and compliance while driving innovation and efficiency in their specialized fields.


Onsite Services

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    Quantus delivers on-site NIST Traceable Calibration for life sciences lab equipment, manufacturing process systems, and supporting utilities.

  • Cleanroom Certification

    Cleanroom Certification

    Providing certification services for PECs, cleanrooms, and sterile processes, ensuring compliance ISO 14644 and EU Annex 1.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring

    Microbial EM Sampling and Analysis Services for controlled environments:  air, surface, personnel, chemical,  water, and compressed gas sampling.

"Working with Quantus to resolve the disorganization of previous 3rd party reports. I have received positive feedback on the work Quantus is doing. We're looking forward to a meeting with the top managementand business development teams to gain more feedback and develop additional controls."

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What calibration services does Quantus provide for hospital and university laboratories?

Quantus offers on-site NIST traceable calibration services tailored to the specific needs of hospitals and university laboratories. Our service platform covers about 90-95% of the equipment services required in a typical hospital pharmacy or university lab , ensuring that a vast majority of your scientific instruments, lab equipment, and supporting facilities systems are calibrated to perform accurately and meet all regulatory requirements.

Our precision calibration services help to maintain the reliability of your research instruments and medical devices, supporting your institution in achieving consistent and reproducible results. This comprehensive coverage ensures that your operations can depend on us for a large portion of your calibration needs, minimizing the need to coordinate with multiple service providers.

How does Quantus ensure compliance with cleanroom standards in healthcare and academic settings?

Our cleanroom certification services comply with ISO 14644 and EU Annex 1 standards, which are critical for maintaining sterile environments in healthcare and academic settings. Quantus conducts thorough assessments and validations to ensure that cleanrooms and controlled environments meet the required cleanliness levels, thereby ensuring both product quality and personnel safety.

Our experts provide comprehensive documentation and support to help your institution uphold the highest standards of environmental control.

What advantages does partnering with Quantus bring to research and development institutes?

Partnering with Quantus provides research and development institutes with reliable equipment maintenance and calibration services that ensure consistent operational excellence. Our expertise in calibration, environmental monitoring, and cleanroom certifications allows your institute to focus on innovation while we ensure your infrastructure meets all necessary compliance and safety standards.

By ensuring that your equipment and facilities are functioning at their best, Quantus helps drive the reliability and accuracy of your research outcomes, supporting your goals for advancement and discovery.


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