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Ensure the highest standards of purity and compliance in your compressed air and gas systems with Quantus. Our expert testing services are designed to meet the rigorous demands of FDA-regulated GMP facilities, aligning with ISO 8573 and ISO 14644 standards.

  • Compliance Assurance: Meet ISO 8573 standards and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Sterile Environments: Detailed particle and viable sampling to ensure contamination-free operations.
  • Equipment Integrity: Precise dew point, water, and oil analysis to maintain product and equipment integrity.
  • Reliable Performance: Pressure and purity testing to ensure optimal system performance.

Choose Quantus for reliable and compliant testing of your compressed air and gas systems. Trust our expertise to safeguard your processes and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your needs.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

What types of gases can Quantus test?

Quantus provides comprehensive testing for a wide range of compressed gases, including but not limited to compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and specialty gases such as argon. We ensure compliance with standards like ISO 8573 and USP 797.

What standards does Quantus adhere to for compressed gas testing?

Our testing procedures align with industry standards such as ISO 8573, USP 797, and ISO 14644. These standards ensure that our testing meets the highest levels of purity and safety required for FDA-regulated GMP facilities.

What methods does Quantus use for testing compressed gases?

Quantus employs advanced testing methods to ensure the purity and compliance of compressed gases. Our methods include:


Non-Viable Particle Counting: Using laser particle counters to detect non-viable particulates.

Viable Sampling: For aerobic and anaerobic organisms using surface air samplers and media plates.

Dew Point and Water Content Analysis: Utilizing dew point meters to measure moisture levels in gases.

Oil Level Detection:

For oil mist, we use the Drager Impactor method, which detects oil concentrations down to <1 mg/m³.

For oil vapor, we use the SUTO S120 Oil Vapor Sensor, which provides real-time and high-accuracy measurements with a detection limit of <0.1 mg/m³.

The results from both methods are combined to provide a comprehensive total oil content measurement.

Gas Purity Testing: Using gas purity cylinders and specialized test kits to measure the purity levels of various gases.


These methods ensure that our testing meets the stringent standards required for FDA-regulated GMP facilities.

How does Quantus ensure the accuracy of its compressed gas testing?

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment like the SUTO S120 Oil Vapor Testing Instrument, which provides real-time results and high accuracy for vapor detection. Additionally, all our testing equipment is NIST traceable, ensuring precise and reliable measurements.

What should be done if a gas sample exceeds the acceptance criteria?

In the event of a sample exceeding the acceptance criteria, we immediately notify the customer and take corrective actions. This includes purging the connection rig, retesting the point of use, and documenting both initial and retest results to ensure comprehensive reporting and corrective measures.

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  • I am very pleased with the services provided. The technicians are exceptional to work with, and the customer support team is incredibly responsive and accommodating. The pricing offers excellent value for the services provided.

    Century Therapeutics Drew

  • The technicians here do an outstanding job. I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the customer support team and their proactive approach to scheduling.

    Ellume Ken

  • Everything is going great with the services. The technicians are top-notch – professional, honest, and very solid in their work. They provide excellent communication and feedback.

    RegenXBio Blake

  • Working with Quantus to resolve the disorganization of previous 3rd party reports. I have received positive feedback on the work Quantus is doing. We're looking forward to a meeting with the top management and business development teams to gain more feedback and develop additional controls.

    Christiana Care James

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